Android Application

Android app
  • With growing number of smart phone uses across the Globe, ORECS is now available on Google Play Store, which is specially designed to give you ‘Work on the Go’ Experience.
  • Wherever you go, your Mobile always accompanies you, similarly, all the employees can carry their office, merely in their pocket, no matter where they move.
  • Android Application has been designed and developed to fulfil all the requirements of an employee who is working and spending more time on site, rather than office premise and hence eliminates the need of computer or laptop for official work.
  • ORECS Mobile App can work without having mobile network connectivity when the employee is at site with no mobile network as well as in mines and underground operations. Whenever the mobile enters the network, it communicates with the server and synchronizes with it, so that everything on ORECS remains updated.
  • ORECS Mobile Application has a unique functionality to capture real time photos on site and upload it on server from anywhere with just a click, this gives a power to user for showing Machine, Site, Employees, Spares, or anything related to site in photos which gives much more clear idea than explanation in words. This probably justifies the famous line: “Seeing is Believing”
  • Management can track the location of the device in which ORECS is installed, to keep a track record of actual site movements and employees moving on site.
  • The IMEI number of each device has to be Registered in Server, before anyone can use ORECS Mobile Application, this gives data security and control over access of data by Mobile devices.