Customer Work Update (for Consultants)

Organized Business:
  • Organize your routine work related to Customers by classifying them into multiple Stages and Activities.
  • Each Stage can have multiple Activities which can be a combination of Parallel Activity and Parent-Child Activity.
  • Parallel Activities or Stages are those which can be performed simultaneously at the same time without waiting for the previous one to be completed. Whereas Parent-Child type of Activities and Stages needs the Parent to be marked completed before you can start the Child.
  • This give the power to create a dynamic matrix of everything you and your employees do on a daily basis to serve the Customer.
High Skilled Output with Less Skilled Manpower
  • No matter whether the Employee is highly technical or amateur at work, the system will guide the employee to perform all the work exactly as per your wish and ideal chronological order defined by you.
  • This gives a standard experience to all the Customers in an extremely uniform manner without forcing the Employees to remember any order or standard procedure.
Time Line
  • Not only this, each and every Activity can have a pre-defined ideal time to complete which will keep a track over each Employee constantly and help him improve his performance if he is lagging behind the standard time.
  • Timeline gives you an Idea about the Minimum and Maximum time taken to complete a Stage. If you increase the manpower, the result would be Faster work and Lesser time taken to complete each Stage.
Customer wise Cost
  • When an Employee is working for a specific Customer, the system will calculate the Manhours he is investing in that work and the same will be multiplied his hourly salary to get the total amount invested in each Customer. If Multiple Employees are working on a single Customer, the cost for that Customer would be high and the time consumed to complete the work would be Less.