Machine Management

All details of the Machine including various types of serial numbers and part numbers can be punched and stored in ORECS. Machine Status (working and earning, Break down, idle, under transit etc) updates, Machine Movement, Man power movement etc can be tracked effectively from the system.

Machine Service can be inputted in great detail along with HMR, KMR details at the time of servicing. This will make available Machine-wise service history reports at the click of a button. ORECS has a pre-available exhaustive library of the different services possible, as on the Machine, and this helps the Mechanic at site also input the service done very conveniently.

You can also schedule Machine servicing by pre-setting the HMR/KMR readings for the next service due. System will then send SMS/Mail reminders well before the service is due. Before the Machine faces a breakdown due to any type of failure occurring by wear and tear, lubrication, cleaning or replacement, ORECS gives a reminder and regular notification to the concerned employees as well as the Management.

  • “A Stitch in Time saves Nine”, as these words emphasize the importance of TIMELY Maintenance, ORECS understands the importance of Machine Management.
  • Before the Machine faces a breakdown due to any type of failure occurring by wear and tear, lubrication, cleaning or replacement, ORECS gives a reminder and regular notification to the concerned employees as well as the Management.
  • This not only keeps the Machine in Working condition, but it keeps it in Excellent condition, which ultimately gives more earning life of Machine without major expense caused due to parts failure.
  • Timely Maintenance = More Life
  • More Life = More Profit
  • Whereas, Less Maintenance = More Breakdown
  • More Breakdown = Less Profit + More Expense

Large Technical Library :
ORECS has a huge database of large number of Make and Model along with their Specifications & Technical Details. This makes it very easy for the user to get everything related to the Machine they own. Before they feel the need to add data to ORECS, it is already made available from it Rich Library.

Screenshot : A Glimpse of list of Makes and Models available in ORECS.

Extensive Report :
Once the Machine is registered in the System, it is stored in database such that with just a click, we get the detailed report of all Machines with all associated data Tagged during registration.

A Log of Machine is created since the date of Registration in ORECS, and a detailed Timeline Report is created called Machine Timeline Report. This is ‘all under one roof’ kind of report which shows all the Services done for a specific Machine with HMR (Hour Meter Reading) and KMR (Kilometer Meter Reading), all sorts of Services done on that Machine, all the Sites and locations that Machine is moved, all the Operators and Manpower it was assigned with, and the Logsheet of each Day. This becomes the single Biggest Report of ORECS related to Machine which gives you complete history of a Machine since it was registered in the system.

Screenshot : A Report showing all registered Machines in an Organization with Machine ID (Asset Code), Make and Model, Status of Machine with Date and Time (like Working, Breakdown, Idle, etc.), Site Location with Date and Time, Operator (if assigned), Customer where it is working, Original Equipment Cost, and more.

Machine Photos :
With the help of ORECS Mobile App, it becomes possible to get the photos of Machine for various types like Installation Photos, Erection Photos, Machine Condition Photo, Machine Accident Photos, In-transit Photos, etc.

ORECS Mobile App has a custom designed inbuilt Camera Application, which compulsorily captures the location while capturing the photograph. This helps in creating a Date, Time, Location wise history of Machine and Operator with just a click, which can be a strong evidence, if required during future investigation.

The operator can also take the photograph of HMR (Hour Meter Reading) and KMR (Kilometer Meter Reading) to store the data in the form of Images along with Date and Time.

ORECS Mobile App also has a dedicated option to capture the photographs of documents on site like Logsheet, Gatepass, Permit Papers, etc. which the operator can upload on Cloud, so that it never goes missing, when it is required in future. The documents uploaded from Mobile App becomes accessible from any part of the World, giving the flexibility in accessing important data.

ORECS Mobile App also identifies whether the photograph is actually taken at the time of uploading or it is just attached from the old collection in Gallery. This helps to identify the authenticity of the photograph, location and related data. The operator if uploads the same photograph again and again on a daily basis from Gallery, it is easily highlighted in the system. Moreover this option also gives the flexibility to the User to attach the Photo from Gallery which is received using other Applications like WhatsApp, Email Attachment or any other third party Application.

Screenshot : The screenshot show the Machine Photo Report where it shows the Thumbnail of the Photographs uploaded for a specific Machine, Site, Category of Photo, Location, Date and Time, Type of Photo – Captured or Attached.

Screenshot : The screenshot demonstrates the Photo of actual Machine working on site, when clicked on the Thumbnail, it gives the large size preview of the Machine Photo.

Screenshot : The screenshot shows the location of the Mobile while capturing the Photograph of Machine. The location is captured during taking the photograph using GPS of Mobile used for capturing photograph, and stored on Cloud along with Machine ID, Type, Category, who captured it, Date and Time.

Machine Movement :
ORECS Machine Management Module is designed and engineered such that, it can track the location of Sites the machine has moved in past without GPS or any other hardware.

This becomes possible with the Machine Movement Feature, where the machine has to be moved to a site, as soon as it is actually mobilized to a site. This helps the system to keep a site wise track of each of your Machine.

Not only Machines, but Operators, Supervisors, Riggers, Helpers who are linked with a machine, can also be moved from site to site, creating the log of Manpower Movement also.

Machine Movement Report helps you to refer to the past movement of a Machine site wise, project wise, customer wise and date wise.

To keep this data updated in real time, the Machine Movement facility is also designed in ORECS Mobile App, so that the supervisor / site in charge can himself perform the Movement in System without getting dependent on the Office.

Important validation of Machine Movement is that, when we want to close a Site, unless all the Machines and Manpower are moved from that site, the system will not allow to close the site, this will help the concern person to take necessary actions of shifting the Machines before closing the site. This helps to make sure that smallest asset/machine which is registered in the system, get recovered from site before closing the site.

Screenshot : The screenshot shows the Report between two specific dates, the Machine which were moved from one site to other site, movement date, status of machine at the time of movement, and concern person associated with the Machine.

Machine Logsheet Report :
This is a part of ORECS Billing Module , but it is closely linked with Machine, therefore here are the basics of Logsheet Report.

Machine Logsheet Report shows the summary of daily Logsheet entered for a specific Machine with its Start Time/Stop Time, total HMR and KMR, Lunch/Dinner Hours, Breakdown Hours, CuM/Ton, and Photo of the Logsheet (optional) if attached from the Mobile Application.

ORECS Mobile Application helps the Operator / Supervisor / Site In Charge to enter the daily, weekly, monthly Logsheet directly from site, as and when the customer is signing the Logsheet or even before that. Once the month is complete, and we get the signed copy of Logsheet from customer, the same needs to be Final Verified with already entered Logsheet from Mobile App, this reduces time of Data Entry, as it is getting ready on a day to day basis, only the final verification remains pending for the Signed Copy. This can reduce the Bill Submission time by considerable amount, which will accelerate the whole cycle from Bill Submission to Money Receipt.

If Mobile App is not the suitable option, the same Logsheet can be filled on a daily basis or weekly basis over ordinary phone with the help of Call Center Module. This gives the complete freedom from using ORECS from Site, and replaces the data entry by verbal communication over phone, which is possible from any remote site. This is one of the Best solutions to the bottle neck of implementation of ORECS on site.

Machine Service Report :
This is one of the few most important features of ORECS Machine Management Module, as it is focussed on the details related to Services of Machines.

As soon as a service is performed on a Machine, it can be punched into the system with minimum amount of manual data entry, and maximum number of dropdown selections.

ORECS has a huge database of services related to all types of Machines available in the Market, which gives the freedom from typing everything, and helps the Service & Maintenance Team to get important Data with just clicks and selection from a predefined dropdown list.

Since the Machine is registered in the System, every smallest service that is performed on a Machine is punched into the system creating an extensive Service Report which can be filtered by Date, by person who is doing the service, type of Machine, Project and Site of Machine, Service Area, and more.

After a long and rigorous analysis done by Technical Experts, on Types of Services required for specific Machine, ORECS has a rich library of Scheduled Services required to keep the Machine Up and Running for high return on investment (ROI) from Machines.

It also gives freedom to the user to customize the schedule of services of Machines as per their requirements based on HMR, KMR, period in Days, load in Tons, etc.

Screenshot : The screenshot of Machine Service Report, showing the detailed history of services done within a specific period, consisting of HMR/KMR reading with date, Service Area and Type, Service done by/instructed by/reported by, and service details entered from Mobile App or Web App.

Machine Status Report & Status History Report :
Like we have our Status on Social Networks and Chat Messengers, ORECS has a feature to store the Status of Machine, which can be any one from the few precisely defined status, which covers all types of possible status of Machines in Real.

Machine Status helps the Top Management, Sales Team, Maintenance Team and Operations Team to identify with just one click about how many Machines are Working and Earning, Breakdown, under Maintenance, Idle and ready to deploy, or in Transit.

ORECS has a specially designed Algorithm at the backend with constantly tracks the uptime of total Machine, and based on the current depreciated value of all Machines, give the Utilization Graph on the Dashboard, which demonstrates the overall utilization of Money invested.

Machine Status also helps ORECS to calculated daily approximate loss due to the Machines which are Breakdown, or under maintenance, briefly termed as NPA (Non Performing Assets)

Sales Team gets a dose of daily target to increase the occupancy of Ready to deploy Machines when they get a list of Machines which are ready to deploy in a System generated Mail, daily at 7am from ORECS.

Similarly the Maintenance and Service Team, get the target in the form of list of all Breakdown and Not Earning Machines, daily at 7am from ORECS.

ORECS also tracks the past data of Machine Status to create a Machine Status History Report, which gives you the exact Status of Machine on a Specific Date from past, which can be used to monitor and analyze the past performance of the company.

Machine Updates :

Machine is crucial entity in business so the status of the same all the time.

ORECS has specific features of machine specific updates which provides link work /efforts put by ground personnel to top management in seamless way.

Machine updates in ORECS crafted in a way that by minimal entries by site staff should result productive / effective data & communication to management.

It also provide details of Personal involved for resolution or normal execution related to machine.

It provide clear picture of efforts with visible evident to all concern in effective manner.

No Service Report :
There are many advantages of regular service to the machinery it Extends the useful lifecycle of machine decreasing the need for capital replacements.

Enhances the efficiency of equipment keeping them running more efficiently and lowering power expenses.

Enhances the performance of equipment by increasing uptime.

Enhances customer (internal or external) service because maintanence teams have less unplanned maintenance and can respond quicker to new problems.

Contributes positively to the reputation of companies.

ORECS gives machine wise . Make & model wise and action wise report of services not performed and where action required to get benefits as above organisation must have strict monitoring about their compliance of regular service of machinery.

Service Due Alert Report :
ORECS Service due alert helps your company to maintain the high availability of your technical systems, It Store make & model wise , area and action wise services to be carried out, in the form of report and alert.

 It provides technical benchmarking (KMR/HMR) wise trigger as well simple time based service requiments.

ORECS helps person responsible for service compliance and machine availability in timely and effective manner.

Service Not Schedule Report :
A planned service may cause small hindrance for production/Operation, but that is nothing compared to actual downtime caused by a breakdown. Because it is planned, operation can propose the optimal time and can factor in the nuisance. Machine service take less time than emergency repairs and replacements.

Considering importance of services and its scheduling ORECS provide ready report of machine to ascertain what are the machine which service is yet to schedule.

Service not scheduled report provides options of area/action wise as well make and model wise report to plan the service in effective manner .

Service Schedule Report :
In ORECS You can generate service schedule reports after you have set up Services,Frequencies . This will allow you to review your settings and make sure you have everything set up correctly according to your requirements and to keep track of the information.

This also helps reviewing service philosophy and technical discussion on performance of machine.

Machine Checklist :

  • ORECS machine checklist module is long awaited solution for machine health with scientific approach and realistic prediction.

  • This is revolutionary solution to the limitation of other preventive maintenance (PM) modules maintained in desktop/laptop.

  • Adoptability of Machine checklist is high because of its effectiveness, entries through mobile app and less pre-requisite competence compare to other such solutions available on reputed platforms.

  • It compliments the basic business model of service being provided through use of machine and manpower to take care of machines.

  • Machine checklist provides time structured/history tracked /importance wise tasks to site staff based on rich engineering experience and which almost needs no competence of person who is generating data . Post getting data ORECS analyzes data and which provides health chart with real-time status with forecast on all possible status bar (breakdown to working smoothly).

  • By Machine checklist health bar management can know how much manpower and cost involved to improve the health chart of machine and can prioritizes in effective manner.