Requisition & Receipt

  • “Action & Reaction are Equal and Opposite” - Every transaction in ORECS is as simple as the Newton’s Law of Motion.
  • Whenever there is a new requirement of Machine, Material, Employee or Spares, the end user or supervisor, who actually needs it, have to raise a Requisition Request to their senior employee, which needs a justification in terms of Budget and Utility as well Profitability against total cost of Project.
  • Once approved by the senior employee, it goes to the approval of Management, where the responsibility of previous approval transfers to the senior employee who has approved it after analyzing and understanding the real requirements.
  • Only after the final approval from management, it gets transferred to the purchase department, and if there is a feasible resource available with Purchase Manager, he can proceed with Purchase order. In cases of Employee, it goes to the Human Resource Department.
  • After the Material, Machine or Manpower is purchased and received at the desired site location, the employee who has raised the Requisition Request, will have to close it by acknowledging with Receipt.
  • The beauty behind this critical cycle is that, it does not use a single paper for taking signature of responsible employee, the login and password acts as a digital signature. Moreover, this also reduces the time of transit of papers from one desk to other for approval, and hence ultimately increases the productivity of company resulting into higher profitability.