• Invoices and Bills are generated automatically from ORECS Billing Module, where the actual working hours or uptime of the Machine or attendance of manpower is calculated with respect to the Terms & Conditions mentioned in Work order.
  • It has a dynamic structure which can be modified as per the company policy, tax structure, Terms & Conditions and few other variants which are unique and keep changing from company to company.
  • Once the Invoice is generated, there is a special feature to get it certified with Customer for confirmation of the amount payable by Customer. This adds a small but crucial step to know the exact amount which is receivable from Customer rather than the amount which is calculated merely on the basis of the invoices created.
  • Moreover this also helps to avoid the changes needed in invoice everytime whenever there is deduction in the amount certified by the Customer.
  • Standardized billing eliminates the requirement for other accounting software and streamlines the inter-departmental flow of information between accounts and payment follow up department.
  • Taxation is always a question mark in most of the automated billing software, whereas in ORECS it is a matter of relaxing and relying, due to the simplicity and dynamism to modify, calculate and summarize the Tax.
Billing Module