Unfortunately with heavy heart, we have to say NO. ORECS takes a time of approximately 30-90 Days (depending on number of users) to complete the Master Data Entry, without which it cannot deliver the actual results. Additionally ORECS needs a preliminary training to get the Best out of it, which is not possible with Trial Use.
This is a relative term, where it all depends on grasping speed of users, number of users, amount to data, number of modules, and more. Ideally a company can shift major things on ORECS in 90 days, if they follow our guidelines
Minimum 5 Modules are compulsory to run the software which includes the fundamental Modules like Employee Management (HR), Customer Management, Billing, Machine Management (for Machine related organizations), Dynamic Dashboard
Yes, feel free to get Demo of ORECS till you are satisfied, our Support Partners will help you understand ORECS in details. It is dependent on the availability of Support Partner, hence book your Demo well in advance
Practically No, its not possible. In order to get benefits of ORECS, at-least 5 users are ideal and recommended. It does not make any sense, if the person who has raised the request, himself approves the same
Yes, if both the companies are different entity on Books of Accounts, you need separate ORECS domains for each of them, as everything starting from Budgeting to Expense Head is closely related to the Company, hence more than one companies cannot be accommodated in one ORECS domain
Yes, you need not carry a separate Mobile to use ORECS Mobile Application for more than one company, we understand your concern on carrying a single mobile is more comfortable, hence we have designed the architecture of Mobile App in such a way, that you can handle multiple companies in one handset
Yes, we value the customers who are pro-active in payment. Hence we offer various discounts to the customers who pay in Advance. Get in touch with one of our Sales Representatives to avail this.
You have complete freedom to get your Database in MS-Excel Format whenever you need (not more than 2 times in a quarter) which you can utilize outside ORECS. However it is observed that data once exported from ORECS cannot be shown in the standard report formats, which converts your Data into useful Information, hence it is difficult to interpret the data without ORECS.
Your data are in a server which is managed by professional server hiring company, which also host lot many MNC Customers as well as government organisations. we also have an NDA agreement with server rental companies. back to back we can provide you NDA... etc
Yes, being 100% ORECS cannot work without an Internet Connection. But in ORECS Mobile App. There are few options where the user can enter data without internet also, this is to facilitate the work where there is no Mobile Network Connectivity.
No need to buy, your ORECS will get FREE updates. Our Philosophy is to make available the latest version of ORECS to all the Users, you will not find anyone using the old and obsolete version of ORECS, anywhere in the World.
Not at all. We have taken care of this possibility. ORECS will close all access from Mobile application as well as Desktop" by single action....just "Deactivate" user from HR Module.
Yes , this is the advantage of ORECS. All Master Data once created can be used lifetime for any number of Business, provided Business Name does not change on Paper. If it changes on Paper, the books of accounts also changes, which needs a separate ORECS domain thereafter.
ORECS has strong backup of Database Management, where every single Data you store in ORECS gets backed up everyday. In worst case, due to any type of Natural Calamity, if there is a loss of Data, it is limited to last 24 hours by default. However if you need additional back up or need to change the frequency of Backup, it is possible at Additional Cost.
By default, ORECS will keep the data for last 5 years in Live System (except Media and Attachments), whereas Data older than 5 years is made offline with a Backup Copy, which can be provided on request. (in our Standard Format without modifications)
We recommend to continue till your account department is not satisfied from ORECS Accounts Module. There is difference between stand alone Accounting Software and Accounts module of ERP
Dashboard is highly Dynamic. Every user can set as per his/her rights, responsibility and priority. Users have complete freedom to set their own preferences on Dashboard as per their liking and requirements