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An Online Machinery Business Management Solution since 2007

ORECS is an online software which can be accessed from anywhere,anytime,in any device.It has been developed after extensive research and analysis in Operation & Maintenance of Plant & Machinery used in Infrastructure and Construction Industry with TechnoCommercial and Operation Experts.


ORECS helps you to have a control over Expenditure on Maintenance and Site Expense,Operation,especially when your Machinery and Manpower are scattered at many places.ORECS drastically reduces email and mobile calls used between employees and management and makes operation transparent with Customer so that Customers are more comfortable.There are plenty of Reports, Updates and Alerts available for employees,Customer,vendor and management.

ORECS is developed by a Team who is actually involved in this Business since more than 16 years and tested it across various combination of challenging jobs.ORECS is not made by Software Agency alone,where it needs a typical training and technical assistance to operate because there is always a huge Gap between Practical Situation in the Field and Software People's Expectations.Whereas ORECS is a simple and user friendly assistant, a result of efforts put by everyone starting from Operator,Mechanic,Supervisor,Site-in-charge,Engineering-in-charge from Customer,Manager, Chartered Accountant,Legal Advisors,Top Management & Decision makers, and some Pioneers of this Industry.

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You are not the Subject of an Experiment. Infact what you get is a Ready to Use Tool. We have experimented ORECS on ourselves for years before giving it to others. Before you encounter a Problem or a Situation with dilemma, it might have already been caught and solved by other Users. You will get the ready to eat Dish from Day One.

Data Decision

From Data to Decision

ORECS converts the Data to Information!

A lot of Data is created everyday on Site. What you need is Information to take a crucial Decision. ORECS is powered with a lot of Algorithms which converts Data to Information which can help your take Right Decision at Right Time.


From Confusion to Clarity

Site Operations involves a lot of communication, facts and figures, statistics, situations and many other parameters which are capable of creating Confusion, very easily, resulting in situation several times severe, bigger and costlier than the cost to avoid that small confusion.

To avoid Confusion, you need a System which everyone (EXISTING TEAM) can follow (EASILY) within your Company. ORECS is that System.

Complex Simple

From complex to Simple

Scientists are very low in Population, CA and Experienced People are less too,

ORECS can be utilized by any ordinary Data Operator, because of its Simplicity on the User Side and Complex Algorithms and lot of Calculations on the other side (NOT SEEN TO USERS) You need not have different Systems for different Requirements, like USB is the famous name of single Port used for Mobile, Camera, Mouse, Keyboard,etc. we have single System called ORECS, with various Modules which are plug and play type with any other Module of ORECS.


From Formal to Family

If you are on Site all the time (shouting & screaming) who will watch the Movie with your Family?

Leave the things which can be done (and which are meant to be done) by System, and spend that Time with your Social Life to make a Perfect Work Life Balance. Offcourse you can still keep a tight watch on your Business, with the help of ORECS, which tracks the Day to Day Activities of your Machines and Manpower too. ORECS helps your save your Time which otherwise is spent in non core activities like finding the output, searching for important documents, simple time based follow-ups with customer and employees, following statutory norms, remembering the dates of renewal, and many more.

Operational Excellence

Operational Error to Operational Excellence

Idiot, Rascal, Stupid, Non Sense, Dumb, Careless, are the words normally encountered with Operations Team.

Replace them all with Excellent, Good Job, Awesome, Great, Super ! with ORECS, the chances of Operational Error are minimized, which helps the Operations Team to complete their Task ON Time, within Deadline, in an Organized Manner with Higher Customer Satisfaction and more Profit too.
More Satisfied Employees = More Satisfied Customers = More Satisfied YOU !

Collaborative Communication

Unorganized Individual Hard Work to Organized Smart Team Work

Team Members moving in different directions will take you no where, everyone moving in one direction will take you to your Destination Faster, Easier, Happier and Healthier too!

ORECS helps to streamline the flow of Data from One User to Other giving them the Experience of being a part of same journey in Right Direction in which the other User is moving. The flow of Data is controlled and distributed in such a way that it can result into Collaborative Team Work and Duplication of Work is eliminated. The Task once done in ORECS does not need to be repeated by other User if that is using same data, hence Data once entered into Master Database, can be used and shared by all Departments and that too at the same time! That’s what we call Organized Smart Team Work

Inhouse Team

From Group of Freelancers to a Professional IT Company

We started Small, like most other Startups.

Positive Response from Customers forced us to grow Big and make a Team of Highly Skilled Experts from various Technologies.
It made our Dream come True of having a Large Family with multi Talented Family Members. We are now, Scalable!

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