Site Operation, Contractor Manpower & Expense

Site Expense
  • The biggest bottle neck of any Service and Rental Company is the Management of Expenses incurred on site, where there is no powers of control by top management, and is managed by the employees.
  • Un-audited expenses, cash transactions and versatile requirements of site makes it almost impossible to get penny by penny expense reports for Management to put a check.
  • ORECS makes this Possible upto almost 95% by analyzing the flow of funds in Site operation and Cash Expenses.
  • With ORECS, it becomes possible to get Machine wise, Employee wise, Site wise, Project wise, and Work order wise Expense reports to make the site operation and expense structure crystal clear for management.
  • A wide variety of Expense Categories helps to define every expense incurred by the employee for site operation, which solves the need of forming cost centres to track the category wise expenses on site.
  • Unless every employee provides a justifiable proof and entry about every penny used on site, ORECS does not allow to approve further fund allocation for that site and employee. This makes compulsory for employee to keep a record every single transaction and update the same in system with supporting documents to avoid any over-exaggerated expense entry.
  • Third party audit over the expenses entered by employees can be done from remote location due to Online nature of ORECS, this gives Management an unbiased report from Third Party which cannot have any influence of manpower working within company.
  • Any unjustifiable expense when reflects in system, the Management can analyze the data from the date of joining of employee till starting of the site operations, which empowers the management to have infinite ways to keep an eye over every single Site Operation Expense, without being present on site !