• Concrete industry is bifurcated into
  • Concrete Production
  • Concrete Pumping
  • Concrete Production
  • Starting from the Type of Concrete i.e. M10, M15, M20, etc… till the Quantity of Concrete produced, ORECS has everything necessary to calculate the Concrete Production.
  • Production History and Reports can be generated on Daily or Monthly basis. Concrete Production Report of duration between two dates can also be obtained at just a click.
  • Concrete pumping
  • Number of Machinery, joints, pipes, attachments used in pumping concrete can be listed in ORECS Concrete Pumping Module. This makes extremely easy and reliable for calculation of exact rental of all the Machinery and attachments used in a specific project.
  • It also gives the additional information about the area in which the pouring of concrete was done, and the amount of concrete and Machine engaged for that particular pouring section.
  • Notification
  • ORECS sends an SMS and Email to Management as well as the Customers (if desired) after completion of each production lot or pumping quantity. This helps even Customers to have a track record of how much is the progress on their own site and how much is the quantity used in that period of time, which most of the times is not available with the Customers also. This is again one of the most wanted features of ORECS by every Customer, to get regular updates about actual concrete production and pumping on site.
  • Notification about concrete production and pumping from ORECS gives the Power to Customer for scrutinizing the consumption of raw material and hence keep a tight check over corruption and wastage of raw material of Customers.
  • Productivity of Manpower starting from operator to supervisor to manager improves exponentially after getting real time reports from ORECS, as it makes very easy for Customers to analyze the fault and leakage of energy and resources of the company.