• Customer is God, and thus Complain is a Gospel from God !
  • Complain Module is a unique feature, to track the exact technical problem from layman language. Without being technical, just with the help of questionnaire, the operator can track 90% of technical problems associated with various Machinery.
  • ORECS Complain Module has predefined list of problems collected from huge field experience and enormous R & D about almost all type of Machinery available in market.
  • This Module makes ORECS distinct from other software and applications which does not have database about practical and on-site problems. A huge database in ORECS Complain keeps on refining with addition of hundreds of new problems that are discovered in day to day operation, making it stronger and unbeatable everyday.
  • Right from registering of complain from operation on site, till the completion with complete testing and customer feedback, ORECS Complain module can track the progress of every complain and calculate the turnaround time of each of them.
  • This tool, gives the power of analyzing the Service Support or after sales support of the company to end users, and hence keep a close watch on every action occurring to solve the customer complain.
  • A dedicated department as well as employee can be allocated for responsibility of particular complain, and depending on the level of satisfaction that Customer achieves, the appraisal of the service & support employees can be calculated.