If you want to keep a record about where does your Sales person travel and spend Time, ORECS – Sales CRM Module has a dedicated Android Application, where each of the Meeting & Visit reports can be registered with a location on Map as well as photograph of Site, Office, Machine, Visiting Card, Customer related documents, or whatever the Sales person think to be important.

Which Sales person met whom and discussed what, can be organized with date and time of meeting using Customer Communication Entry. Not only this, but the Time for next meeting can also be punched to keep a follow up by system generated SMS for arranging meeting and taking advance appointments.

How many leads generated by sales person, actually turned into orders, can be easily tracked, providing important information about calculation of incentive for sales team.

Hard working Sales Employee can directly highlight himself among his Colleagues, Team Leaders, Head of the Departments and Management, by adding more information in system, which is arranged and updated in chronological order in their personal timeline.

Sales Department is also powered with Quotation Module , which helps the sales person to send the Standard Quotation in minutes while sitting in the Customer’s Office during Meeting and Visit, which gives a First & Fast Impression of the Company and also provides a Quotation to the Customer. ORECS Sales CRM Module also helps in classification of Leads as Hot, Warm or Cold and probability in percentage. Large number of Permutation and Combination in CRM Reports can be made to suite any line of Business. However there is a separate Product and Service Master where the Sales person can define all Products and Services that the Company Offers, which then becomes a dropdown item for everyone using this Module.


  • Time based Inquiry Report (From-To)
  • Customer wise Communication Report
  • Communication Mode wise Report
  • Purpose wise Report
  • Meeting Location wise Report
  • Inquiry ID wise Report
  • Revenue Model wise (one time/recurring/both) Report
  • Inquiry Category wise (Hot/Warm/Cold) Report
  • Probability wise (0-99%) Report
  • Sales Forecast wise Report
  • Projected Sales Amount wise
  • Status wise Report
  • Requirement wise Report
  • Product/Service wise Report