ORECS Advantages

orecs advantage1
Semi Skilled Manpower – High Skilled Output – Super Skilled Performance (Reducing Duplication of Work)

ORECS uses absolute layman language to make the user interface extra ordinarily easy to understand and interpret. Anyone with simple computer operating skills can feed the data to ORECS without any technical expertise and know how about coding.

Each Screen in ORECS is developed after several tests and experiments to prove the user friendliness and ease to deliver the right information to user without any confusion.

Highly technical and Expensive Manpower to operate the system, is now a story of the Past. With ORECS, you can practically deliver High Skilled Output from a Semi Skilled Operator maximizing the Profit and drastic cost cutting in Manpower. The Automated Reminders and Notifications from System, makes an ordinary Operator a Super Skilled Performer for the Company without any extensive training.

orecs advantage2
Cloud Storage – Versatile Technology – Robust Architecture

All your data is stored on Cloud, making it accessible with just a click from anywhere in the World. Imagine how to access an important document from one of your branch office, when you are travelling and your concerned employee is on leave. With ORECS it is just a matter of few minutes if you are using ORECS Mobile Application.

More than 50,000 pages of code gives Super Human Strength to ORECS, which nobody can afford to expect from highly technical and efficient employees also. Analysis and Reports of Millions of Data, can be accessed from Cloud at your fingertips making you Most Powerful and Unbeatable amongst your competitors in terms of Information and Statistics.

Three Tier Architecture gives ORECS a Rock Solid Armour against all types of security threats or manipulation of data by human intervention ensuring that you rest assured and relaxed when your Data is stored in ORECS.

orecs advantage3
Easy Accountability of Resources

Get the Business Insights in terms of return on investment, achievement of goal, utilization of dollar, manpower and machinery in real time with ORECS. It becomes possible to evaluate the accountability of each and every resources with just a click, because ORECS takes every major and minor factor into consideration in calculation of net-worth of asset as well as liability.

orecs advantage4
Drastically reducing unnecessary Phone Calls and Emails

ORECS does it all for you. No more Phone Calls and Emails for internal communication and instructions to Employees, Customers as well as Vendors.

ORECS gives you an option to automate the process of sending latest updates about your sites, approvals, requisitions, progress, accounting notifications, and many such crucial information directly to the desired Employees, Customers and Vendors via SMS and Emails generated by system at fixed intervals.

This gives you the Power to eliminate all and every type of Confusions, Communication Gaps and Misunderstandings which is normally un-expected but, still accepted widely due to unavailability of any solution or system.

Controlled Transparency between Employees, Customers and Vendors is the Punch which makes ORECS – the Third Umpire to support as evidence for those who are Real Hard workers and it also exposes all those who give only Excuses.

orecs advantage5
Scaling up Business ONLY, and not the Headache

Normally, Multiplying your Business, also multiplies your worries and headaches to control you Business without System. ORECS gives you the confidence and comfort simultaneously with growing Business without growing several types of mental stresses and headaches.

ORECS gives your business the capacity to grow manifold and demonstrate exponential ability to handle the Volumes which is absolutely impossible and infeasible without a System.

orecs advantage6
Manage your Machinery like never before. No matter how much diversified Geographically

ORECS is not merely an Application, it’s an Experience, which you have never experienced Before in Managing Machines. Your Machines are Free to Work in any corner of the World, doesn’t matter where you are. ORECS gives you freedom to manage your Machine remotely with our in house Call Center, Remote Data Collection Application, Fuel Sensors, GPS Devices, Mobile Applications whichever is practically suitable to you.

Even if there is no one to look after your Machine, ORECS takes care of all crucial Expiry dates like Insurance of your Machine, RTO Tax, Driver’s Licence Validity, Load Test Certificate and much more.

Apart from this, you can track your Machine in real time, sitting thousands of miles away from your Machine. You can get Fuel Consumption, Average Speed, Over speed Instances, Number of Stops, Traverse Route and many more critical and accurate information with just a click.

orecs advantage7
No Human intervention in capturing and entering data to the System. No manipulation of data.

In ORECS, there is no Delete Button. ORECS follows Unidirectional flow of Data, nobody can modify or remove the Data once saved in ORECS, the only way to settle the value is to raise a new entry with counter value. This eliminates all possibilities of an User to erase or modify important data.

All the data in ORECS is captured and organized in Chronological order to track the order of events and entries actually occurred. Remote Data Collection is done with the help of Highly Robust and Durable (Imported) Sensors and Hardware which leaves no space for Human Intervention and an Error arising from it.

orecs advantage8
Financial Controls – No Surprises – Fund Blocks – Real time position of Company

A Surprise arising from a sudden Financial Requirement, is not a Surprise anyone would like. ORECS keeps you intimating about all types of Financial Stages and Position of Company with real time Bank Balance without any integration with your Bank Account or even without knowing the Name of your Bank too.

Before your Bank account reflects the actual transactions, ORECS will reflect the same immediately after approval and printing of Cheque, no matter from which Branch Office it has been printed. Fund allocation in ORECS using FUND BLOCKS is as strong as a Bouncer standing outside the Discotheque. It will not allow the Fund once allocated to specific Block to be used for payment of other Block, no matter how urgent and delightful it seems to the user. This gives a balanced control over utilization of Funds in exactly as the way it is Planned and Expected by Financial Consultants and the Senior Management.